Property Repair Services for Hurricane, Storm & Weather Damage on Oahu

Act Quickly to Minimize Damage

When you’re facing flood, storm or hurricane damage to a property on the island of Oahu – whether to your home, business or commercial property – turn to someone you can trust to restore your property and life back to normal. Call our Hotline or Contact Us»

When a property is affected by a hurricane, storm or flood, it’s crucial to act promptly to minimize long-term damage. Consider these important points:
  • Whenever water is present, mold and mildew are a threat to property and possessions
  • Mold and mildew are also a threat to human health safety.
  • Most insurance policies require property owners to take steps to prevent additional damage.

Hurricane, Storm & Flood Repair Services

You have needs. We have solutions. Our repair and remediation services include:

  • “Board up” services.
  • Stabilizing damaged structures.
  • Making temporary roof repairs.
  • Removing debris.
  • Installing temporary fencing.
  • Draining flooded spaces.
  • Drying waterlogged areas and property.
  • Containing and eliminating mold.
  • Providing temporary power supply.
  • Assisting with insurance claims.

How We Work

Our streamlined repair and remediation services will get your property and life back to normal again. Here’s how we do it:
  • Immediate Assistance: We handle emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can be on the scene when you need us.
  • Complete & Accurate Assessment: We inspect your property to diagnose and record damages and risks, then give you a thorough report.
  • No High-Pressure Tactics: We want you to feel confident you’re making the right decision for your property, so we won’t pressure you. Once the damage has been stopped, you can review your options and move forward when you’re ready.
  • Help with Insurance Claims: We will work with you and your insurance company to expedite a plan of action.

Got Questions?

HBM Restoration is Oahu’s best source for hurricane, storm and flood damage response and restoration services. Contact Us or call our Hotline.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after a hurricane or storm floods my property?
HBM Restoration is a reliable company that offers storm and weather restoration immediately. Following a storm or weather disaster, restoration companies are often flooded with calls from impacted businesses, so it’s important to have a reliable company like HBMR with you prior to disasters. The sooner you contact a restoration company, the sooner you’ll be safely functional once again.
Should I contact my insurance company following storm and weather damage first?
While a complex question, the short and easy answer is no, not necessarily. Insurance companies actually ask property owners to contact a restoration company prior to contacting them if they plan to file a claim as an assessment of the damage and an estimation of the cost of restoration will be needed. Additionally, water causes more damage the longer it is present, therefore, the sooner our restoration team can start cleanup efforts to minimize damage and contain/prevent mold from spreading.
What damage should I look for following a storm?
Storms can affect every part of a property from roof damage to flooding. A full inspection of your property after a storm passes is the best and safest way to figure out the extent of any damage done to your business or home.
Can flood damage cause mold?
The short answer is yes, it can. Mold thrives in damp and moist environments, so any wet and humid area is the perfect place for mold to grow. It’s important not to ignore any moisture, as mold can begin to grow and spread within 24-48 hours upon a surfaces’ contact with water. Immediate action after you experience flood damage of any kind is crucial to the remediation and restoration process.
How can I protect myself from hurricane or storm damage?
While we cannot control the weather, we can take steps to ensure we minimize the amount of damage done to our property. First, you will want to try and secure any items that are outside. Grills, trash cans, trampolines, and outdoor furnishings should be secured or stored somewhere inside, if possible. Store any vehicles on the property underneath covered spaces such as a garage or roofed area. Yard maintenance is also extremely important in preventing damage to your property as weakened limbs from trees or bushes may impact your property due to any stormy conditions. Moreover, making sure your roof or any coverings is properly maintained and up to standard is crucial to reducing damage as it will be the area receiving the most beating from the elements.
How long does it take to repair hurricane or storm damage?
Remediation and repair times vary depending on the severity of the damage caused by the hurricane or storm. Hurricanes and storms usually are followed by flooding and water damage. The HBM Restoration team will assess your property and discuss the damage present and our plan to return your home or business to its pre-loss condition, which includes being transparent with the process and time frame of the project.
How do I know if a restoration company is legit?

Hurricane and storm recovery is already stressful enough. The last thing anyone needs on their plate is to worry about falling prey to contractor fraud. While there is no tried and true method for spotting fraudulent contractors, here are a couple of methods from the National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud (NCPHIF) that can prevent you from becoming the next victim of illegal contract work:

  • DO NOT hire a contractor that’s going door to door and DO NOT hire them based on the low estimates that they provide. Additionally, ensure that all estimates include the same detail and descriptions for material and labor costs that are associated with the project. The estimate from our HBM Restoration team includes all of the necessary information regarding the project
  • Be sure to obtain any contractor’s contact and business information that you come across, including: Exact business name as registered by the Secretary of State, the Contractor’s name, Business address and phone number along with the cell phone number of your direct contact, Website, Insurance Coverage information, their Business License Number, and their Contractor’s License number.
  • If a contractor is missing any of this information, do not hire them. Our HBM Restoration team is expecting you to ask for all of this information
  • Do not be afraid to ask any questions regarding the project. Our HBM Restoration team is more than happy to provide you answers even in the most troubling of times.
  • When you do feel comfortable moving forward with a contractor, be sure to contact your insurance agent to verify that the contractor’s insurance coverage is valid before finalizing anything and DO NOT allow the contractor to file your insurance claim for you. The HBM Restoration team does work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure everything is properly filed and paid for, but ONLY to help you navigate through the insurance process.
  • Always require a formal typed contract that should include: all contact information, license numbers, breakdown of labor and supplies, a full scope of work, guarantees or warranties on materials and workmanship, procedures for change orders, start and expected completion dates, payment plan based on stages of work completed, an exit clause, and a right to cancel. Moreover, DO NOT accept a handwritten contract or any contract that is missing any of the above items.